Welcome to The Spirits Connect. My name is Lynn Kay and I’m a Medium and Spiritual Messenger. I’m located in the San Diego North County area of California, and I have clients all across the world. It is my pleasure to be here and assist you in your journey, answering questions, and helping you gain insight, and clarity. Please contact me if you are interested in a reading either in-person, by telephone or remotely via Skype.

Contact Lynn by emailing her at thespiritconnect@gmail.com or by using the Contact Tab and completing the reading request form.

Hi and thank you for visiting my website, The Spirits Connect.  My name is Lynn and ever since I was very young I knew there was something different about me.  I was very sensitive to the world around me and I could feel, hear, and see angels and spirits.

After years of self-discovery, I realized that my talents and abilities are within the Medium Clairvoyant / Spiritual Messaging realm.  I've fully opened my heart and mind, and I’m very grateful for the wonderful gifts I have been given.

Today my focus is on helping others through their journey in life, both personally and professionally. By using my gifts I can provide guidance, answers, clarity, and comfort to my clients.  Some of you may have specific questions or want to know that your loved ones (including pets) who have passed away, are okay. Please believe me when I say there are many loved ones, pets, guides, and spirits who want to communicate with you too. 

I'm very honoured to have these gifts and be a part of this "spiritual connection.”   My clients are very special to me and I mean it when I say that, "it is truly my pleasure to serve."

Please contact Lynn by using the Contact tab on this website or emailing her directly at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


My Intention

My Intention is to be a spiritual connection for those who seek confirmation, clarity, guidance enlightenment, and peace.

I'm committed to helping those who want to remember and assiting others in raising the spiritual consciousness of the world.

Being forever grateful for the gifts I have been given.


I have had some lingering unanswered questions about 2014 and despite prayer and guidance, I was lost on some answers and direction that I needed. Also, I was concerned that a spiritual advisor would use something I was not comfortable with.

Enter Lynn.

She immediately put me at ease. In an outdoor setting, my dog and I were the focus for the hour. Lynn's connection was something I was not to sure of before the appointment; but the discussion assured me there was a connection from my departed family to me.

Her talk answered questions about losing two siblings in June 2014. She assured me they were OK. My mom and dad were also there, too (in spirit), answering and offering advice.

I recommend an hour. This will give you the time for a free-flowing conversation. My hour was recorded and then delivered via email download. As you can imagine, it is much to absorb, and replaying the conversation is great.

Her location in Poway, CA was fantastic; we did the reading outside and, frankly, that added to the conversation. She also told me about my current pet Jack, my rescue dog, and his past. That assured me what I already knew: He's a 'pawfect' dog and unconditional love towards me as I do towards him.

Thank you Lynn. I have a very nice comfortable sleep; the first in a long while. Do not hesitate. If the need arises, I will use Lynn without any hesitation.

Chris C., San Diego, CA

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